Vinasugar II has the main business lines as follows:
- Production of sugar from sugar cane, honey, various types of refined sugar, sugar byproducts (cakes, candies, ethanol, CO2, food yeast, beverages, alcohol and beers, fertilizers, plywood, animal feed); manufacturing of  cassava starch, corn starch, rice starch, sugars from cassava starch, corn, rice; Distillation, rectifying and blending of ethanol and alcohol of any kind; manufacture of food packaging; manufacture of mechanical products and parts, specialized equipment of the sugar industry;
- Provision of technical services for sugar cane and sugar, supply of materials and goods for material areas. Construction and development of the sugar industry. Contracting for construction, repairs, upgrades, expansion of sugar mills and factories of sugar byproducts;
- Provisions of financial consulting and investment services;
- Wholesale trade of agricultural products, foods, consumer goods; wholesale trade of specialized machinery, spare parts and raw materials;
- Provision of accommodation services, leasing of offices and warehouses.